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At the top of the list of what Helsingin Sanomat sees as the most significant outcomes of the budget framework talks is a plan to spend around 100 million euros on a package of employment and retraining measures. Among these is a pilot programme aimed at helping people who have been on extended parental leave to get back into the job market. The government also decided to expand the types of professional education and training courses that are approved for unemployed people who fall under the controversial, so-called "activation model" which is targeted at motivating jobless benefit recipients to more actively seek work. This policy, which has been widely criticised, was not a subject of debate in this week's talks, but the government has decided to re-examine it at a later date. The government's latest round of policy negotiations also approved a package of proposed changes to criminal law brought to the table by Justice Minister Antti Häkkänen. The Turku daily Turun Sanomat reports that among the proposals are tougher sentences for the sexual abuse of minors . A revised child rape statute will also be written into the law, carrying a sentence ranging from 4 to 12 years. These are changes that Häkkinen pledged shortly after taking office last autumn. Yet another change in court practice is the reintroduction of the possibility of converting fines into jail time. Under this system, people who fail to pay fines in cash can be ordered by a court to pay in time spent behind bars. Turun Sanomat quoted the Justice Minister as saying that the use of converting fines to prison sentences needs to be reformed and expanded so that fines are taken more seriously. The plan calls for police to turn over to the courts cases in which people sentenced to fines repeatedly disregard them. The guideline being proposed is for action to be taken if someone fails to pay seven fines for similar offences during a year.

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